What Is RNG In Gaming? The Comprehensive Guide (2022)

What Is RNG In Gaming?

What Is RNG In Gaming? Read further to know more.

Have you ever played a game and had an experience of getting lucky in that game, then you might be thinking that the game is rigged. Well, what is meant by RNG?

RNG stands for Random Number Generator which is the random process that is used to generate numbers. This process is used to generate different outcomes based on a set of conditions.

How Does RNG Works In Games?

Many games use this method to make the gameplay more interesting and fun. Here are some examples:

The Pokémon GO game uses this method to make the game interesting and unique. When you catch the Pokémon it gives you a unique number that is assigned to you.

Dota 2 uses this method to give unique items to each player in the game. If you have more points than others then you will get better items and if not then you will get normal items.

In the Final Fantasy games, the game will give you an item that you need to complete the quest. You will have to level up your character and complete the quest to get the needed item. If you don’t succeed, then you will get nothing.

We are going to discuss the various types of RNGs in this post, so let’s start the discussion.

Gaming Examples That Use RNG

The basics of RNG will be covered in this post. Some RNG-related games will be reviewed to show how it works.

Loot RNG

RNG is an essential part of the game. The reward you get when you open a treasure box or defeat an enemy is not the same as the one you get when you defeat an enemy. It’s possible to get super-rare items right away or low-level armor repeatedly because it’s determined randomly by the game.

To ensure the game is balanced, loot drops are not always random. You can’t get the best weapon from the first treasure box you open, that’s why they have mechanisms in place. Depending on the game, this can be done in several different ways.

Determining Chance Percentages With RNG

Random Number Generator is used in many games to calculate the probability of an event occurring. This is common in role-playing games (RPGs).

You may be able to trigger critical hits that do extra damage when you attack in JRPGs such as Persona 5 and Chrono Trigger. Although this happens randomly, you can increase your chances by using certain items in some games. RNG is what determines the frequency of battles with wild Pokemon and the creatures that you encounter.

Similar examples can be found in Super Smash Bros. Mr. Game & Watch’s character has a move called Judge, which displays a number between one and nine when it is used. You can only get the same value twice by using RNG.

Procedural Generation Through RNG

Procedural generation is the creation of game content using an algorithm instead of crafting it manually. The two well-known games that use procedural generation are Spelunky and Minecraft. These games use a seed value to create unique worlds.

Every time a player plays a game, they will have a unique gaming experience. Similar to other forms of RNG, game developers add restrictions to make sure worlds do not get created randomly. There are no random floating ground blocks that hover above the ocean in the game.

RNG In Speedrunning

When you were speedrunning, you might have heard of the RNG video game. Speedrunners practice to get to know the game because they want to finish a game in the fastest time possible. The element of speed runs that is unpredictable is added by RNG.

Sometimes RNG can cause problems, but it is not always a problem in speed runs. It can be easier to improve your time with a bit of luck if you have some variation between runs.


What Is An RNG Seed Number?

The seed number is the initial number used in the random number generator. This seed is used to ensure that the numbers are consistent and in no particular order. The RNG seed number is the initial number used in the RNG algorithm This seed makes sure that the numbers are consistent and in no particular order.

What Is RNG Logic?

Random number generation (RNG) is the process of generating a sequence of symbols using a device. This can not be predicted better than by chance.

What Is Apex RNG?

Random number generation, or RNG, is a number generation. In battle royale gaming, this system is used to randomly adjust in-game elements such as loot drops and quality.

What Are Some Common Ways To Generate A Random Number?

Random Number Generators are a type of program that can be used to generate a sequence of numbers. Random number generators are used for everything from lottery numbers to dices rolls.

A Random Number Generator can be generated in several different ways. A mathematical formula used to generate a series of pseudo-random numbers is one of the most common ways.


I hope that you have understood what RNG means and how it works in different types of games. It is a very interesting method and helps to add excitement and fun to the gameplay.

RNG is believed to undermine skill by many competitive gaming players. This can be frustrating, but it is only because Smash Bros is a casual party game that requires RNG to remain entertained.

This is the reason why skill-based mechanics may be emphasized in games. There is only one thing you need to know about random number generators.

Hopefully, you understand how randomness is used in video games and how to use them to your advantage. What do you think about what’s happening? If you have any more questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to leave a comment below.