Understanding Investment Intelligence: The Essentials [2021]

Want to know more about Investment Intelligence? This guide will provide you with all the information you need about Investment Intelligence and its basics.

Computers and the Internet are constantly changing our world and our way of life. This applies not only at an individual level, but also at a company level. For investment firms, artificial intelligence (AI) opens the door to a whole unknown universe of possibilities, from back-office processes to front-office solutions for everyday life.

Many investment firms see AI as the most innovative tool that will solidify their competitive advantage – in other words: Companies that do not understand the basics of business intelligence run the risk of falling behind their competitors. The following paragraphs will introduce you to this basic concept.

What is Investment Information?

Business intelligence refers to the use of alternative data sources to identify and evaluate a company’s investments. Alternative data is defined as data that does not come from traditional sources, such as. B. from a company’s financial statements. Rather, it covers a wide range of factors, while business intelligence can include financial indicators such as return on assets, leverage, and return on invested capital. Learn more about investing in exploration.

Main elements of the investment appraisal

Artificial intelligence refers to machines that collect and understand user-generated data from devices such as phones, smartphones and even sensors. AI identifies patterns in this data that people can use to make decisions – in short, investors can use this information to become more profitable. The advancement of digital technology leads to absurd amounts of data that can now be analyzed by AI.

Currently, there are many alternative data sources that investment firms can use to make investment decisions. For example, they may be structured or unstructured. B. Information gathered from media, social media, voice, web traffic, websites, sensors and even government data.

Alternative data is usually not collected and analyzed manually because it contains an impressive amount of information that forms the basis of investment intelligence. Instead, investment firms are using advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to take advantage of this. These technologies enable organizations to collect and analyze large amounts of data, often unstructured and impressively heterogeneous, in record time and with unprecedented accuracy.

The rise of investment information has been spurred by an explosion of information posted by users on social media, blogs, websites and many other sources. Many sophisticated algorithms have been developed to analyze all this information in a minimum of time. Originally, this system was mainly used by hedge funds.

Investment intelligence – Disruptive force

Artificial intelligence is on the rise in almost every industry, from transportation to manufacturing to investment firms. Artificial intelligence technologies not only influence value and competition, they also overestimate value.

Financial institutions are challenged by AI, both on the buy and sell side. Over time, the investment community has largely relied on the same assumptions, employed traditional investment strategies, and collected publicly available data from traditional sources. As opportunities increase around the world, investment intelligence is challenging these assumptions and creating new opportunities.

In terms of objectives, many investment firms use artificial intelligence to collect and select long lists of stocks. All kinds of relevant data are collected and analyzed using advanced algorithms to make better investment decisions and strengthen portfolios, while others use AI to improve operational efficiency. In other words: Investment intelligence is about minimising risk and error, improving forecast accuracy and generally improving industry performance.

Benefits of investment development

Information advantage is the key to the application of investment intelligence. Investment companies have only one goal: to outperform their competitors or established benchmarks. This is where alternative data breaks through the industry by providing information never before used in investment strategies.

In a nutshell: Business intelligence makes it possible to evaluate and track the performance of a company. Alternative data allows investment firms to examine start-ups or even completely new industries and to determine their growth potential. It can also help you find companies looking for funding for you and help you make an objective investment decision based on a range of factors.

Other benefits include determining the life cycle of a business and more accurately predicting the potential of startups. For example, you can collect and analyze alternative social media data to find new products or companies that customers like and rate highly. This indicates that their products are likely to attract a much larger customer base, so you can invest in this company.

Therefore, there is no denying that business intelligence will become the new norm in this highly competitive sector. Investment firms that do not incorporate alternative data into their decision-making process risk falling behind their peers and underperforming their portfolios.


Investment intelligence can not only increase investment opportunities, but also automate the many tasks associated with data collection and analysis, allowing investors to easily understand trends and patterns. These advances allow investment firms to spend less time on tedious tasks, minimize errors, and obtain better portfolios at the expense of their competitors.

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