The best Valorant agent to use for each map

In a tactical game like Valorant, where teamwork is just as important as direct shooting, it is always advisable to prepare your team as well as possible. This means you also have to take the map into account, and there are agents whose skills are better suited to certain locations.

While team selection should always take into account the strengths of the players and the overall strategy, there is always an agent whose skills fit the map best. Here we list which agent is essential for each Valorant card in your team.

Ascension – Hibou

The narrow corridors between the large areas of the map will have you encountering bottlenecks fairly regularly as you make your way to the explosion point. That’s why you want the board that provides the most value for agent information and feedback, and Sova does just that.

Information with a well-placed dart can be crucial for thrusting, either forcing the opponent to move or expect a shot, while a drone can serve as an excellent distraction for slow march tactics. As for the hitting darts, they hit hard and are flexible enough to come in handy in almost every corner of the map.

Communication – numeric keypad

With only two bombardment access points on each side and the ability to block the light flanks of both opponents on attack and defense, Cypher is excellent for intelligence gathering here. In general, you can easily see where enemies are targeting without exposing yourself, while still having good coverage across the terrain.

As long as Cypher is alive, he will almost always have a view of one area, meaning he can be stacked and easily cause a Moroccan spy to turn to another area.

Port is an omen

As the only card with three bombs, the ability to make an impact from anywhere makes you a powerful agent. If you can get an Astra set, you might have a slightly better defensive impact, but for a multi turn game, Omen is the best agent available.

At Site B, you can confuse attackers at the entrance or general defensive positions, while his Masked Step provides excellent movement options for those smart enough to use it without being seen, while his Ultimate Element can teleport him to the other side of the map in seconds if you need to escape quickly with a bomb or to disarm.

Glacier – Jet

The ice axe has a great verticality. There are crates and passages everywhere, making the top very dangerous, while the different height levels are enough to give you a distinct advantage if you can constantly change places.

Jett is the ultimate character. With her right hand, she can execute commands independently, but it’s her dueling skills that make her powerful in the air and threatening on the ground. With a cooler like Jett, you can stay on top almost all the time, so you always have an edge. This makes them superior even if you fight against their abilities.

Divide – Raise

The map is probably the most open in the game, making utilities less useful and tricks and projectiles more prominent. This makes Killjoy and Astra very valuable. As an agent who can offer more offensively than the two agents mentioned above, Raze can at best bully the team and at worst derail the offense.

With the grenade having enough dispersion to hide behind obstacles in large areas, her bomb guy serving as a distraction, and the satchel charges allowing her to go into battle to surprise the enemy team, she offers her team more as a whole.

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