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The game: SynergyGenre: Adventure, Role playing, Visual NovelSystem : Nintendo Switch
Developer | Publisher : Top Hat Studios, Radi Art | eastasiasoft
Price : US $14.99 | UK £13.29 | EU €14.99 Age rating
: US M| UK/EU 16+
Release date : 18. March 2021

The evaluation code used is largely due to Top Hat Studios.

I believe I’ve said it here before, but I love a good dark story. The kind of film noir from movies like Blade Runner can be a bit too much for me (I prefer old-school Humphrey Bogart movies), so I was cautiously curious when I picked up Synergy Game. I’m glad I did it!


Purchase of a new Android

You play as Sila, a woman who works for a shady organization that deals with androids whose programs have gone haywire. She returns home to her android and seems to get by in life. When her android companion breaks down, she gets Mara, an android Kila has never met. Who and what is Mara? Will she break Silas’ shell? What exactly happened in Silas’ past?


A real visual novel with lots of readings

I don’t understand why many games on the Nintendo Store don’t mention this, but it’s a visual novel. There are a handful of choices to make and screens to interact with for information or to advance, but this game is almost entirely a reading game. If it’s not your thing, don’t play it.

I had some problems with the save screen for some reason. Unlike almost every other game, the scores are just a black box instead of the screen you were on. So get ready to dig through your savings for the latest date and time. I kept losing my last score in random mode, but the skip function is so fast that it didn’t bother me at all.

The touch screen is used in this game, and I found it very useful.


Sweet cuddly toy coming

Synergy is Yuri. Women here, like other women. Again: If you don’t like it, don’t play it. There’s nudity in there.

It’s very dark/cyberpunk. If you love these stories, you probably already know them. It shows people living in desperate circumstances. Consequently, some of the themes are obscure and the solutions are questionable. Compared to other games, however, I find this title quite bland in terms of content for a title in this genre.

Visual, musical and secular performances

Art focuses on red, purple and other dark tones.

It’s amazing. Synergy’s graphics are nothing short of stunning. There’s a lot of use of red, purple and other dark tones to build Ciel and Mara’s world. A lot of it reminded me of Blade Runner. Since many Phillip K. Dick quotes are included in the game, I guess that’s the point. Either way, it’s rare that a change of scenery doesn’t take your breath away.

The score was written by Andy Hahn. I don’t know, but it’s rare that a video game score holds my attention. I didn’t even bother with the music. Without interrupting the sound, I even turned up the volume. I want the album, it’s just atmospheric and awesome.

Peacebuilding is slightly weaker than the above two components, but not by much. I find this world fascinating, and I want to know more. I want a novel, a manga, an anime, fan fiction, an epic poem. Either way!


Unfortunately the text is very small. I had no problems reading it, but for some it will be a problem on the Switch Lite screen. There are a few scenes where the background makes the text even harder to read. However, this is the only major downside I found to Synergy.


Reading glasses can be very useful!

I love Synergy. This is a great addition to my personal collection of Noir and Yuri stories. As one of these styles, I recommend you take a look at it too. Maybe you just need reading glasses to make it work.

Final Judgment : I like it.


How do you load…

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