Reddit Talks – Everything You Need to Know about it!

Whether it’s discussions, questions or just useful content, you can find it all on Reddit. Reddit has finally decided to introduce the feature that made Clubhouse so successful: audio chats. Yes, Reddit is now joining other platforms that have embraced audio chats because it’s a big deal.

Reddit has a large number of users called Redditors and even a large number of forums called Subreddits. Music, technology, movies, news, entertainment, everything. And you can easily see why audio chats will be a major X-factor for Reddit.

Now let’s take a look at what’s to come in Reddit Talk.

Who may begin?

Since the feature is still in the testing phase, subreddit moderators can only have audio chat. Once the feature is in place, moderators will install trusted community members to moderate the audio chat.

Who can participate in Reddit Talk

Joining the Reddit conversation is pretty easy. Other than that, anyone with a Reddit account can join the conversation. It’s not yet clear if you have to become a member of the subreddit to participate in the audio chat. Listeners can respond with emojis (a feature also found in Twitter Spaces) or raise their hand to speak (also found in Zoom, Google Meet and Telegram). Live subtitling for the hearing impaired is also being considered.

Take control of Reddit Talk

Just as a moderator can control space on Twitter, he or she can invite, mute, and delete speakers on Reddit. If a person seems inappropriate, the mods can ban them from that conversation.

Since a conversation may involve a large number of people at any given time, Reddit is also considering creating tools for moderators to help them manage conversations. Parents can see what was said by someone at a particular time.

Reddit address, look and feel.

Moderators can customize the conversation space by changing background colors and emoticons, while listeners can also change the look of their avatars to fit into the conversation.

Reddit Talk Benefits

Well, there can be many benefits, just like with audio chats on various other platforms. It can be used for question and answer sessions, AMAs, talk shows or maybe a podcast. The purpose of the conversation varies depending on the sub-editor involved.

If the idea of an audio chat on Reddit appeals to you and you’d like to participate in an initial test, you can join the waiting list by filling out this form.


While Reddit Talk seems like a good idea to attract even more users to Reddit, there are a few drawbacks that you’ll notice right away. As for the really big and inappropriate subreddits, they will fail because managing mods will be a difficult task unless the subreddit decides to give up.

It could also be that anyone could abuse it by creating their own subreddit and leading the discussion, which would then be hard to follow if the mod’s intentions were bad. It seems odd that Reddit is following the path of other platforms, especially with the audio newsgroup. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what other platform jumps on the audio chat bandwagon.

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