Realme 7 Pro gets stable Android 11 Update based on Realme UI 2.0

Realme has been testing its latest Realme UI 2.0 skin on the Realme 7 Pro since November last year. The update is finally out of the testing phase. Yes, the company has finally started promoting the Android 11-powered Realme UI 2.0 stable update for the Realme 7 Pro. This is the first major update for Realme 7 Pro and includes many useful features and improvements. Here’s everything you need to know about the Realme 7 Pro Android 11 Update Stable Realme UI 2.0.

According to the information from Realme, your smartphone should have the software version number RMX2170PU_11.A.37. The update is also available for users who have chosen the open beta program and are working with version number RMX2170_11.C.20. It has a download size of 451 MB. Although this is a stable update, there are still some known issues.

  • After the update, the initial download may take longer, especially if you have many third-party apps installed on your phone.
  • After the upgrade, the system performs a number of actions, such as. B. Application customization, background optimization, and security audits to improve system performance and eliminate potential security risks. This causes the system to consume more CPU, memory and other resources, which can lead to minor lockups and faster power consumption.
    We recommend that you leave the device for 5 hours after a full charge or use the phone in normal mode for 3 days, after which the device will resume normal operation.

Speaking of changes and features, the Realme 7 Pro Realme UI 2.0 Stable update comes with features like support for third-party app icons on the home screen, an improved dark mode, optimized loading at night, new tray mode filters, weather animations, and more. The company did not list the permanent posting (AOD) in the official change log. It also extends the monthly release of security patches to May 2021. In addition to these changes, you can also access the standard features of Android 11.

Here you can view the full change log before loading the page.

Realme 7 Pro Android 11 Stable Update –Change Blog


Customize the user interface to your needs

  • You can now create your own background by choosing the colors of your photos.
  • Third-party icons for applications on the home screen are now supported.
  • There are three types of dark mode: Enhanced, Medium and Soft; the background image and icons can be set to dark, and the contrast of the screen can be automatically adjusted according to the ambient light.

High efficiency

  • You can now drag and drop text, images or files from a floating window or from one application to another in split-screen mode.
  • Edit page optimized for the Smart Sidebar : Two tabs are displayed and the order of the items can be configured.

Performance improvement

  • Adding an optimized night charge : The AI algorithm is used to control the charging rate at night to extend the battery life.


  • Adding tones : Consecutive alarm tones are combined into a single melody.
  • You can now set a time period during which the Do Not Disturb option is activated.
  • Added a weather animation for a more interesting experience.
  • Optimized vibration effects for text input and gaming.
  • Optimized automatic brightness.

Launch vehicle

  • You can now delete a folder or combine it with another folder.
  • To add a filter for the drawing mode : You can now filter applications by letter, installation time or frequency of use to quickly find an application.

Security and data protection

  • System Cloner added: You can create a system clone of your primary system and use different fingerprints to log in to different systems.
  • You can now enable or disable app lock in quick settings.
  • More powerful
    SOS emergency notification functions: You can quickly display your personal emergency information for rescue workers. Information can be displayed even when the screen is locked.
  • Optimized permission manager : You can now select the Allow only once option for confidential permissions to better protect your privacy.


  • Added an immersion mode that reduces interference while playing so you can concentrate better.
  • You can change the way the game assistant is called.


  • You can share your personal hotspot with others using a QR code.


  • Added cloud sync for private vault, so you can sync photos from your private vault to the cloud.
  • Enhanced photo editing feature with improved algorithms and more effects and tagging filters.

HeyTap Cloud

  • You can backup your photos, documents, system settings, WeChat data and more, and easily transfer them to your new phone.
  • You can select the types of data to back up or restore.


  • Shortcuts have been added to instantly share and edit the photos or videos you’ve just taken.
  • Added an inertial zoom function that makes zooming smoother in video recordings.
  • Added a layer and grid feature to help you compose your video.

real laboratory

  • Add a sleep module to help you plan your rest time and ensure your sleep.


  • Adding a sound amplifier : Wearing headphones amplifies soft sounds in the environment and muffles loud sounds.

Reality 7 Pro Reality UI 2.0 Stable Update

If you’re using the Realme 7 Pro, you can now update your smartphone to Realme UI 2.0 based on the Android 11 Stable update.

Make sure your smartphone is using the required software version RMX2170PU_11.A.37. If your phone already uses this version, you can go to Settings > Software updates. If the update is available on your smartphone, you can download and install it on your device.

Although this is a staggered rollout, it will take a few days to reach all Realme 7 Pro smartphones. Before downloading the update, make sure your smartphone is at least 60% charged and backup important data.

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