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Outfits are an essential part of Xbox gaming – they define your avatar, show off your style and even your accomplishments. And, when you hear “free”, you can’t help but sit up and take notice. Our friends at Xbox are giving us a whole range of new outfits, tattoos and accessories for our avatars to use. Best of all, they’re all free!

Outfits, Tattoos & More (All Free) – In this article I’m going to be listing and reviewing 7 of the best Android apps & games that I feel can help improve your mobile gaming experience. You’ve all heard of GTA, Temple Run & Assassins Creed right? So let’s get started.

The nocturnal howler monkey is one of the most fascinating animals inhabiting our planet.

Late nights, a strange obsession with the moon, and even the mystery behind those human-like creatures called werewolves.

Today we’re going to unravel all the strange secrets surrounding these creatures and make Twilight’s Jacob proud by checking out the coolest clothes, artwork, and everything wolf-related for The Sims 4.

Let out a big roar and we’ll get started.

Wolfsoren CC

Check out this AC.

Everyone loves these cute cat ears.

But have you ever worn wolf ears?

Now you can with these awesome wolf ears from golddreamsims.

A cute and fluffy pair of toy ears that are both adorable and fierce. How can you not like it?

Perfect for a Halloween costume or for Sims who are just obsessed with wolves in general.

Beacon Hills Shirt

Check out this AC.

A local high school team always needs a mascot.

And in this case, we have the wolves.

This t-shirt has a great design with a white circle in the middle showing a crying wolf.

Whether you’re going to an event or not, this shirt is ideal for everyday use on the go.

Werewolf pose

Check out this AC.

And here’s something you don’t see every day:

A pose pack for TS4 that contains different werewolf poses. Seriously, though.

Unlocked claws, growls, and a generally intimidating appearance help your Sims create a werewolf feel.

There are 12 poses in this set, and I have no idea how they came up with only 12 poses. But they all look fantastic.

Sim vampires beware.

Gothic wolf dress

Check out this AC.

Witchbadger’s designer gives us unique wolf-inspired clothing by creating this incredible custom dress.

The dark colors and style give it a gothic look. But what stands out the most is the large image of a wolf on the skirt.

This dress is definitely for sims who love wolves and have a grunge punk vibe.

For some reason, these things go together.

Jumping Wolves Men T-shirt

Check out this AC.

The next t-shirt is definitely one of my favorites on the list, it shows a wolf jumping into the ring.

It has a great design that allows you to really express your love for these dogs.

It’s mostly for men, but there may be another one that’s exclusively for women (I didn’t see it at first glance, but check out the profile of its creator!).

So this is a bold black t-shirt that really brings out the white of the wolf himself.

Wolf paint

Check out this AC.

Next we have a big picture of Miewx.

If your walls are looking a little bare, why not make them more wavy?

This painting shows a beautiful set of chromed clouds, with, you guessed it, a howling wolf in the middle. Overall, this is an excellent piece of art, regardless of your attitude towards wolves.

But it would certainly be a good item for a gray or dark spot in your Sim’s home.

Wolf Tattoo CC

Check out this AC.

Do you really want to free the wolf in you?

There’s no better way than a full tattoo.

And since you may not like IRL needles, I suggest you repaint your simulation.

This tattoo model takes up two thirds of your Sim’s arm and comes in two varieties.

One is done in classic black ink, the other in ice blue, which really makes the tattoo stand out.

To get this ink, you have to become a true wolf lover.

Werewolf Costume

Check out this AC.

We’ve already had werewolf poses, and now you have the full outfit to really unleash your inner werewolf.

This CC has a full suit with piercing yellow eyes and a dark grey full suit.

Halloween or not, this thing is awesome.

The teeth of this combination are particularly sharp. So be careful when you see werewolves roaming the city.

There are also 7 other variations of this costume if you want to change your werewolf costume over time.

This costume reminds me of the wolf costume in The Wolf Among Us, for all Telltale fans.

Wolf carpet

Check out this AC.

Here’s another piece of art, this time for the floor of your home.

We looked at many custom rugs, but none like this one.

You get a stylish wolf with a matching quote. And it looks fantastic.

This rug is perfect for the entrance to the mansion or any other entrance to your Sim’s house.

Or if you have an animal-inspired room, this rug will be perfect for that too.

Think about it: Don’t mistake the wolf’s kindness for weakness.

Gray Wolf Pet Mod

Look at this model

Why does a wolf cry more than a real wolf?

Thanks to creator Arisuka, we can add a wolf as a pet in The Sims 4. No cheating.

A grey coat with grey spots that stand out from your other pets – raising one of these bad boys will not be easy.

But if you do, you’ll definitely have the coolest pet in town.

And with this mod, you can really turn your sim into a wolf master.

This source has been very much helpful in doing our research. Read more about how to look classy with tattoos and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What clothes look good with tattoos?

Tattoos are a long-term commitment, so you want to look great every time you show them off. Try rocking a sleeveless top when you show off your new body art; it’s perfect for the summer months. When the weather gets cooler, layer a long sleeve sweater over your ink for a more conservative look. Even if you don’t have any tattoos, it’s not a bad idea to have a couple of outfits in your closet that show off your skin. With the tattoo-covered likes of David Beckham, Angelina Jolie, and Johnny Depp, it’s no surprise that people are showing off their ink more than ever. But if you’re itching to get that dragon on your chest, you’re going to want to be prepared when it comes to your wardrobe choices. What clothes look good with tattoos, you ask? Here’s our ultimate guide to dressing your body art.

Is it OK to wear clothes over a new tattoo?

After getting a new tattoo, you might be wondering what to wear on top of it. After all, you don’t want to hide it, but you don’t want to rub it off, either. Fortunately, you have a number of options to choose from. More and more people are getting tattoos these days. If you’re thinking of getting one, you’ll likely want it to be a design that you can show off. Many people also like to wear clothes that display their tattoos, but are there any things you should avoid doing if you want your tattoo to look great?

How do you dress for a tattoo?

One of the first things you’ll notice about people with tattoos is the ink they have on display. While some choose to have sleeves or a full body suit, others go for a more subtle approach and get a small design on their arm, leg or back. Of course, as with almost anything, the way you dress is very much a personal choice – just make sure you know what you’re wearing when you head to the tattoo studio. Tattoos are the ultimate fashion statement. They’re a way of showing off your personality, your tastes and your love of a certain thing or person. However, tattoos are a lot more than just skin deep. They can mean a lot more than we realise; the different symbols and designs can be a reflection of a personal event in our lives, or even our personalities. For many, getting a tattoo is the start of something. The start of a new beginning, or a fresh start on life. So how do you dress for a tattoo? Think about your personality, your tastes, your style and most importantly, your tattoo.

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