New Rogue Lords Gameplay Trailer Details Devil Mode

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The new Rogue Lords gameplay trailer has been released by the guys at Perfect World Entertainment and Zodiac Interactive Entertainment. The trailer shows off the new Rogue Lords game mode, which is similar to Diablo 3’s “Torment Mode.” The trailer also shows that the new game mode will have a new, devil-themed environment. The trailer claims that the new mode will have a “devilishly difficult” difficulty level and will include other new features, like new bosses.

The newest update to the Rogue Lords mobile game series, the Devil’s Night update, is now live. The update is free, and adds a new “Devil Mode” gameplay option. Devil Mode gives players a set of evil powers that can be used to defeat opponents and get more gold in the game. However, Devil Mode also changes the way the game is played, as you’re no longer able to use the powers of light, but instead have to rely on your own dark abilities.


NACON, Cyanide Studios and Leikir Studio have revealed a new trailer for their upcoming game Rogue Lords, detailing the unique Devil Mode. Devil’s Mode is a unique game mode in Rogue Lords in which players have their own rules and can easily tip the balance of the battle in their favor by cheating. In Devil mode, players play as devils and can follow different rules than their opponents.

Rogue Lords puts you in the shoes of a demon who was defeated by demon hunters years ago. Now you’re back, and to regain your power, your students must find the legendary artifacts. You have a wide range of evil skills, which you can use in the game in exchange for a portion of your evil essence. However, your demon essence is crucial to your survival, and when it runs out, your journey in the game is over.

Check out the new Rogue Lords trailer before we get into the details:

Because Rogue Lords is a roguelike, all of the maps in the game are randomly generated, which means that you’ll go through a unique level each time. On each map you get different paths, and you can choose which path you want to take in the game. If you want to trigger a particular event in the game, you can select that specific path for the event. Closing the road to the devil is never final, however, because the devil never sticks to the rules. If you sacrifice some of your essence, you can find shortcuts that allow you to change your path and reach different areas that were previously unreachable.

Along the way you will encounter demon hunters who will do anything to stop you. You appear as one or more waves of enemies, and your students fight for you. If their health fails, they can still fight, but become vulnerable to death. However, you can spend some of your essence to prevent them from dying. If you want, you can also spend fuel and reduce the health of your enemies to kill them easily. The same goes for stealing buffs and sending debuffs back to opponents.

With interactive events, you can once again use a part of yourself to tip the balance in your favor and get the results you want. Passing through these events will give you a host of bonuses for the rest of your journey, making Demon Mode a unique game mechanic that you’re sure to have fun with. The main functions of the Diable mode are as follows:

  • If it seems impossible to win the battle : You can manipulate the health bars of your students or your opponents, steal buffs and return debuffs.
  • Interactive activities can provide valuable benefits if you are successful. Your chances of success depend on the actions and skills required of your students. If luck is not with you, you can switch to devil mode and increase your chances of success.
  • Each time you start, the map is randomly generated and different paths are suggested.  In exchange for some health, you can use hidden routes between paths to reach places that were previously inaccessible.

Rogue Lords was revealed in February 2020 and later received a new trailer at the 2020 PC Gaming Show. Since then, the game has barely emerged from the shadows, but it is now back in the spotlight. The game is scheduled for a 2021 release on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. A confirmed release date will be announced later.

Let us know in the comments below if you’d like to play Rogue Lords when it comes out later this year.

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