Managing Your Team From Home? Here Are Some Tips That Will Help You Out

According to the Harvard Business Review, even before the COWID 19 pandemic, at least a quarter of the U.S. workforce worked from home in some way. Those who have since become teleworkers have faced and overcome many challenges.

Instead of the copier jamming for no reason, telecommuters are busy caring for their children at home, overseeing their education and the usual household chores, among other things.

As a manager, you may also face new challenges in addition to those you have traditionally encountered when managing people in the office. It is becoming increasingly difficult to communicate and ensure that everyone understands what needs to be done. Scheduling meetings, keeping track of work, it’s all become more complicated.

If COWID 19 has done one thing, it is to foster the human capacity for creativity and innovation in all fields. This includes personnel management. Here are some tips to keep your team motivated, focused, and performing.

Hold regular meetings

It was difficult enough to get essential information to all members of the project team in the office. Now you have to deal with the differences in internet speed and the quality of the computer equipment in your home.

Once this is overcome, the next step is to communicate the work objectives as clearly as possible and create a feedback mechanism so employees know what the issues are. Regular meetings are the only way to achieve this in a remote environment.

It is recommended that at least one daily meeting be held with team members to discuss the day-to-day progress of ongoing projects.

Be flexible

The pandemic has put people in unprecedented situations. As a manager, you need to understand that everyone deals with their stress differently.

On a typical workday, the employee does not have to deal with a homeschooled child and a sick family member, both of whom have access to the employee during the day because he works from home. A little understanding on your part will help him adjust and stay motivated.

Using a time attendance application

Time tracking apps are not an attempt to spy on employees and micromanage their work, but can ensure they are fairly compensated for the work they do. It also helps them make a clear distinction between work time and home time.

As a manager, you may be wondering which programs are best to use. As always, the internet is a friend. Find similar with this time tracking app to see which employees are overworked or underperforming and adjust workload accordingly. It will also help you enter the system correctly and calculate overtime and compensatory time off.

Provide necessary equipment

Not everyone has the equipment to do the job properly. Give your employees what they need to do their jobs, within reason. If you make them work without the proper tools, then you are putting in the tools that will cause you to fail.

Provision of required training

It’s hard to believe that video conferencing, so sporadically used in the past, has become a technology. Provide your employees with the training and support they need to use these technologies effectively.

This training should include both learning the technical aspects of the software and learning how to make better presentations.

Opportunities for employees to meet

Working remotely tends to undermine the sense that employees come to the office in the community and work together every day.

Virtual events still exist, but they help maintain team spirit. Virtual business lunches and birthday parties, as well as more creative activities like bingo, can help employees feel normal in a situation that disrupts their usual norms.

Have a hearing aid

Employees are likely to feel more confused than usual. As a leader, you must be willing to listen to their concerns and try to encourage and motivate them as much as possible. Once you understand what is being expressed, do what you can to resolve the issue, especially if it may affect the employee’s performance.

The COVID 19 pandemic has completely changed the way we work and management is no different. Helping your employees through this period and beyond requires more collaboration than a top-down approach. Be the manager who inspires them through it.

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