Kicksta Review [2021]: Does it take the cake?

So you want to spice up your Insta account. You’d rather invest your time in what will make you successful: your content. But liking, following, commenting and searching for other Instagrammers takes too much of your time and energy. Enter Instagram Growth Services (IGS). IGS is an agency that works hard to get you more followers, likes, comments and interaction with other Instgrammers. All this leads to the growth of your audience.

While researching Instagram’s growing services, you’ve probably come across Kicksta. You make a name for yourself, but is it a good name? Are they all who they say they are?

We pulled out three statements, read reviews on the internet to see if what they said matched what they did, and added it all up. Eventually you will see whether Kiksta is right for you.

Accounts receivable

Article: We try to stay as authentic as possible, that means NO FOLLOWING, no spam comments or DMs.

Let’s think of growing your Insta followers as a cake baking process. It takes the right ingredients, tools and manpower to make a delicious cake that everyone wants a piece of. If you forget one, you end up with a bunch of junk that might as well end up in the trash.  The ingredients of the cake are similar to the way you interact with your audience on Instagram: liking, following, commenting, DMing, tagging, etc. The combination of all this can lead to natural and real growth in your followers. But making one cake is like trying to make a cake with one ingredient: You will not get the desired result. Unfortunately, Kiksta only has one ingredient: like.

Against this approach

  • Insufficient attention paid to trust accounts
  • It’s not attracting new followers fast enough.
  • I would like to see your account suspended.

Benefits of this approach

  • Can create a more natural sequence

Article: No spam, no fake followers, no bots. Just pure organic growth using the latest artificial intelligence technology.

Tools are essential to baking the cake and growing your Insta account. Do you think it’s better to use multiple tools, or do you want one tool that does it all? Kicksta is a tool that uses AI and computers to do the work. However, it can only complete one step in your growth process.

Against this approach

  • Bots are strictly controlled by Instagram, you can be banned.
  • Choose only one approach for your growth
  • More tools required
  • Using the algorithm can lead to irrelevant followers.
  • Not a personal touch that only humans can create.
  • No guidance on target setting
  • Expensive (you can pay the company for everything, not just one step).

Benefits of this approach

  • Quick installation
  • Change your goals easily

Article: Contact us. For all information, please fill in the form below and we will be happy to help you!

You can’t bake a cake without human strength. And we believe that without human support, you can’t achieve the growth you want to see at IG. Kicksta’s basic plan does not include VIP support via email or live chat. It looks like you can only send requests through the dashboard.

Excellent customer service should be at the top of the list of what makes a company great, especially if you are giving your hard-earned money for their services. If you can’t talk to someone when you’re in trouble – whether it’s via chat, email or an old-fashioned phone call – what good is your money? This company needs to work for you, so specialized and easy-to-maintain support is a must.

Against this approach

  • No support
  • No service
  • No account manager
  • No one to ask questions.
  • There’s no one to talk to about the problems.
  • Nobody shares their success

Benefits of this approach

  • No! Without customer support, you are on your own in case of problems.

Kiksta takes the cake?

I’m afraid not. Without the right ingredients, tools and manpower, you won’t get the decadent C-D cake you dream of, and the same goes for your Insta growth. Kicksta does not offer the comprehensive approach you need to achieve the growth you want.

What are your options?

There are other GHIs. One of our new perks is FollowFox, and you can check out our review of their services, as well as those of Growthoid, Nitro, UpLeap, and Ampfluence, here. Link to 5 Instagram growth services compared and tested in 2021]. As always: Do your own research and you’re sure to find a VGS that fits you and your budget.

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frequently asked questions

Will Kiksta take you out?

For example, Kicksta is a growth service for Instagram that uses AI technology to determine the exact number of shares Instagram will allow for a given account. This way, Kicksta can like as many photos as possible for each of its customers, but there is no risk of being blocked.

Is Kicksta safe to use?

Is Kixta safe? Kixta is safe, but the growth rate is unpredictable. Since they only like one to two photos from each follower of your target account, you need to make sure that the people on your target account are actually legitimate, active Instagram users.

How much does Kyksta cost?

Pricing: How much does Kicksta cost on a monthly subscription basis? There are two subscription options: The first, for moderate growth, costs $49 a month. The premium option costs up to $149 per month, but at the time of writing this article it has been reduced to $99 per month.

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