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DISCLAIMER: Message: Mind you, I’m not saying that everyone who uses a certain weapon/object is a certain type of person. These posts are for fun. I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings or anything.

Sniper rifle:

Winner 300/Advanced/Tactical : these 3 sniper rifles are just twins, in fact they all have the same perks, 3x scope, sniper and silencer, the only flaw is Advanced where Ave maria played the scope.

Levitan sniper rifle with cover: This thing has the same benefits as the 300 Ghost winner, but with a punch that, frankly, makes it totally useless, now listen here, if you use this you are the Sniper Rifle noob, okay due to the rules in

r/Hitman I’m sorry, but I know he has advantages as a ghost, but armor-piercing ammo might actually be a disadvantage, suppose you point a sniper rifle at a target, like Nolan Cassidy, but his bodyguard is behind him, you shoot and oh look, you lose SA because armor-piercing ammo, I’m just saying, and it’s in my words, it’s a sniper rifle, it’s fine, but bad.

Winner 300 Ghost: This sniper rifle is suitable for players wearing a Raven suit, a classic all-black suit, or a branded suit with gloves. It has 4 bonuses, although it is slightly better without the bump bonus. I also liked the design in Hitman 1 and III, but not in 2, in 2 only the silencer stands out.

Tools :

Repairman: These things can be fast or slow when performing an action, but with the MK III it is much faster, the MK III is faster and easier to use, it could just use more speed.

Electronic key chopper/locker: This tool is really useful in Hokkaido, it’s because of the RFID, take the symbols on each RFID door, it can remind you who is allowed, and if you don’t have that symbol, use Hacker. or, just use it to unlock Carlton Smith to get that RFID master chip, not to mention Carlton has been screwed so many times. so if you have that, you should definitely use it.

ICA Electrocution Phone : This tool is just fucking Nerfed and overpowered, (OP) all because this tool is so awesome that it easily electrocutes targets by getting SASO, but for some reason when Hitman III came out IOI ruined the fun and pulled it out.

Containers (briefcases) :

AIT short case : There’s not much to say about it, it’s just so funny when you use it as a package.

Mk II Summary: The only bad thing, but also the funniest, is that the self-guided briefcase, if you throw it very slowly, is bad if you throw it at someone, but also good for passing others.


Rubber ducky explosives: This duck explosive may look cute, and quacky (pun not intended), but this quacky (pun not intended) bath toy is bad, not to say it’s bad, but not micro either, so it’s ok to put it anywhere because it’s not an illegal item, players who use it will just keep it because they love ducks.

uh, IDK, what can I say.

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