How to get weapons and gear level 50 in Outriders

Outriders has a different progression system than Destiny 2 and other multiplayer shooters. If you’ve completed the campaign and have already reached level 30 in People Can Fly, you can get level 50 weapons and equipment… by following our instructions.

Outriders is the new marauder shooter from People Can Fly and Square Enix. With a risky proposition that focuses on co-op mode, the PC and console title has a different progression system than we see in other games like Destiny 2. Read our analysis and the 5 aspects in which Outriders manages to surpass Destiny 2 or Part 2.

You’ve probably played through the Outriders campaign (hopefully you’re not suffering from that annoying bug that empties your inventory), so you already have level 30 weapons and gear. Be aware that up to this point you are limited to global levels, but this can be overcome.

If you’ve already completed the campaign, you may have noticed that you can play a new mode called Expeditions. These are challenges and endgame exercises that can be played alone…. although we recommend doing it in company, for the challenge and the fun.

How do I get level 50 weapons and equipment? Well, mostly through Expeditions. We will explain in detail how the promotion system works to solve these problems, and how to reach level 30, which is the threshold of the Outriders campaign.

How to reach level 50Weapons and equipment

Outriders has a great promotional system, but only as part of a campaign. These ranges go from WT1 to WT15, and as we level up, we get better weapons and equipment for our characters. If you have reached WT15, you are now at level 30.

To overcome this obstacle, you need to increase the difficulty. And you can only access it through Expeditions, exclusive events for those who have completed the Outriders campaigns, which you can play alone or with friends in co-op.

These expeditions have their own level of difficulty, and as you go through them, you gain experience….. This means that the difficulty level increases, up to level 50.

There are 15 difficulty levels (TC) in total, and if you make it to the last one, you’ll get the long-awaited level 50 in Outriders. It is important not to confuse VT and CT. There are three levels of difficulty for each expedition: Bronze, silver and gold.

If you z. B. CT12, you can get legendary weapons and equipment if you pass this level on Gold difficulty. These items are obviously needed to complete the expedition challenges, which are much harder than those in the campaign.

So, now you know: If you want to get weapons and equipment from level 50, you have to participate in expeditions and complete gold challenges on each level while earning experience points. Not only do you need these valuable weapons and armor, but you also need to defeat every enemy and thus every level of the expeditions.

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