Dyson’s all-new Purifier Cool Unveiled in Malaysia, featuring Solid State Formaldehyde Sensing Purifier

So far, what we’ve seen from Dyson and its products has been pretty phenomenal – in fact, adding technologically advanced features that improve the real thing, in this case the room, is key. With their air purifiers equipped with POLAR, which we’ve talked about in the past, they cover an even broader base by detecting more pollutants than traditional CADRs. But that’s not all, as the brand has moved to bring even more features – a brand new solid state formaldehyde sensitivity and more – to the Dyson Purifier Cool Range purifier for 2021.

DysonSeries Cold Cleaner

Hi,Solid State Formaldehyde Sensors

Unlike the Pure Cool series, Dyson calls it the Purifier Cool series to differentiate it from its other products. But these new Dyson air purifiers feature the best technology available, making the air around you in your room safe and breathable. As we spend more and more time at home, especially since the pandemic, Dyson has made it different. Even though we are safe from the virus because we are within communication distance, there are harmful gases in the home that affect the air we breathe.

For example, the new series incorporates completely new technology for reading formaldehyde in the solid state. Unlike gel, which fades over time and can be mistaken for other VOC pollutants, Dyson’s new and improved solid state formaldehyde sensor works with the company’s unique algorithm to accurately detect formaldehyde levels, allowing other gases to be detected by a dedicated VOC sensor.

HEPA 13 filtration

Dyson took the filtration system and developed a better one. To achieve this goal, the unit’s airflow has been redesigned with standard fully-sealed HEPA-13 filtration that not only ensures that air cannot bypass the filter, but also blocks any leaks that could allow dirty air to enter the airflow, bringing the efficiency of these filters to 99.95% and removing particles as small as 0.1 microns. Does this mean these cleaners will sound like a sound machine? No, in fact he’s 20% quieter now too.

After learning more about the Dyson air purifier, let’s take a closer look at the technology used by the Dyson air purifier.

Like other Dyson cleaners we’ve seen with previous products – like the Air Multiplier technology – the device actually shoots purified air into all the cracks and corners of the room. Automatic mode takes control and maintains the desired level of temperature and indoor air quality control. Users can choose to control the Dyson purifier via the Link app or by voice.

Available tyres for Malaysia

The Dyson vacuum cleaner comes in two different versions: Cleaner Cool and Cleaner Cool Formaldehyde. Both sets have the same features, except that the Cool Formaldehyde Cleaner is the only one that can detect and capture formaldehyde in the air. Purifier Cool is available in two different colours: White with silver finish and black with nickel finish, priced at RM2,899 each. The Cool Formaldehyde Cleaner is available separately in two different colors: White with gold trim and Nickel with gold (our favourite), each for RM3,199. Consumers can buy the new Purifier Cool range on the official Dyson website or from Dyson concept stores and the Experience Zone.

P.S. I can’t wait to see the formaldehyde system in person.

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