Clubhouse launches its Android app in beta

Clubhouse Games has announced that its popular Android game collection has launched a beta version of its Android app on Google Play. Featuring a catalogue of over 2,000 games, the Clubhouse app offers a selection of casual games that have been optimized for a large number of screen resolutions and aspect ratios. The app allows gamers to rate and comment on their favorites or add their own recommendations, and Clubhouse Games plans to add new games every week. Clubhouse Games is a developer of mobile games for Android and iOS devices. The company’s library now has more than 2,000 games in it, including popular titles such as Bounzy!, Bejeweled, and Dots. To get the app, follow the Google Play

Clubhouse is a social gaming platform that lets you play, compete and learn with people all over the world. It’s bringing competitive gaming and e-sports into the mainstream, and has been downloaded 6.5 million times on iOS devices. (The company was also recently acquired by Yahoo! for $80 million USD, and now has the backing of the search engine giant) The Clubhouse Android app is a beta release, which means that it’s free to download now on Google Play, but the ability to play will be limited unless you’re a Clubhouse member.

Social audio platform Clubhouse, which has spread like wildfire on iOS over the past year, is finally coming to Android in beta, the company announced Monday.

Clubhouse for Android was launched first in the US, then in other English-speaking countries, and finally in the rest of the world.

Clubhouse will also be adding payment and club features in the coming months. On Android, the app will also only be available to guest users. Anyone who doesn’t already have a friend on Clubhouse can get on the waiting list to sign up for the app.

The Android application works on devices running Android 8 or higher. Clubhouse is currently working on adding the following features to its Android application.

  • Payments
  • Founding or leading a club
  • Linking Twitter and Instagram accounts
  • Sidebar
  • Location
  • Translations in the application
  • Ability to update first and last name in the application
  • Report on the speaker’s last option

Those on the iOS waitlist can expect access to the Clubhouse app in the coming months, as the company expands its support infrastructure. The application will also support new languages and accessibility features.

At the beginning of the year Clubhouse started to grow very fast as people from all over the world started to invite their friends, faster than expected. We are excited to announce today that Clubhouse for Android is now available in beta, Clubhouse announced.

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Although Clubhouse was the first to introduce audio rooms where people can have conversations, it can be said that the company has been slow to introduce new features, attract more users and reach a much larger number of potential Android users.

While an invite-only app sounds intriguing and has managed to generate some buzz, it could quickly fade away if existing popular social networks integrate clubhouse features into their own apps – and they already have, or at least they’ve started working on it, probably even faster.

Last month, Facebook announced that it was working on several audio features, including a tool to create audio, podcasts, audio rooms for live streaming, and Soundbites, a tool to create short audio clips.

Live audio rooms on Facebook and Messenger are set to compete with popular audio chat app Clubhouse. Facebook is expected to launch this feature globally in the coming months.

In December 2020, Twitter also launched a Clubhouse audio feature for select users called Spaces, which rolled out last week to anyone with more than 600 followers for Android and iOS users.

In this area, Clubhouse needs to innovate and act faster than in the past to consolidate and compete in the market, as Twitter and Facebook have a much larger share of the Internet user base and an infrastructure for rapid expansion that could easily eat into Clubhouse’s current or potential users and potential profits in the near future.

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