ASUS launches new Line-up of Chrome Enterprise devices for Business Professionals

ASUS is known for its ability to meet the needs of a wide range of users, and its latest range of Chrome business devices is ideal for professionals looking for peak performance.

ASUS recently announced a new line of Chrome Enterprise devices that combine high-end hardware with Chrome OS for an unparalleled user experience you never expected. Designed for professionals, these devices come with all the tools you need to be productive all day long.

  • ASUS Chromebook Enterprise CX9
  • ASUS Chromebook Enterprise Flip C436
  • ASUS Chromebook Enterprise Flip CX5
  • ASUS Chromebook Enterprise Flip CM5
  • ASUS Chromebook Enterprise Flip C434
  • ASUS Chromebook Enterprise Flip C433
  • ASUS Chromebook Enterprise C423
  • ASUS Chromebook Enterprise C523
  • ASUS Chromebook Enterprise C223
  • ASUS Chromebox Enterprise 4
  • ASUS fanless Chromebox Enterprise

This new series offers a range of chrome books with convertible trays and convertible multi-unit models, specially designed to meet the needs of professionals. These new devices allow users to work in the cloud with Parallels Desktop on Chrome OS without logging in.

The new Chrome Enterprise series devices feature Intel and AMD processor options that provide high performance and robust access to a variety of cloud-based SaaS applications, so users can stay productive anywhere in the world.

The devices are programmed to turn on within six seconds and have a long battery life of up to 12 hours. They offer superior business class performance and safety not found anywhere else on the market.

They are designed to meet the needs of any user, whether a telecommuter or even a front-line worker looking for a high-quality, responsive device. The Chromebook Enterprise Flip Series with 360° ErgoLift hinge offers maximum versatility in a lightweight design for easy transport and working everywhere.

ASUS Chrome devices for business use offer three years of hardware support, ensuring maximum support for businesses that need to keep the device up and running for years after purchase.

Chrome Enterprise devices are designed with the performance and infrastructure requirements of the cloud in mind. It is specifically designed for remote workers who want access to a rich set of productivity, collaboration and management applications for a better work experience.

Each device in the series is securely designed to protect users from malicious attacks, give them more control over their business and keep personal data encrypted and protected from prying eyes.

The development of Chrome Enterprise devices represents an investment by ASUS in improving IT infrastructure efficiency and business productivity, including the use of cloud-based devices and software.

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