Apex Legends Season 9 Stuck on Loading Screen [Solved]

Since the launch of Apex Legends, it has been plagued by server issues. However, if you were to believe the community, Respawn Entertainment is doing all it can to fix this. When the game had launched in February, it had a large following, and many of these people made it their daily routine to play. However, after the first Apex Legends season, many people who had invested many hours into the game, including myself, felt disappointed by the lack of changes to the game.

The Apex Legends Season 9 update has been released, and players are reporting an issue with the game getting stuck on the loading screen. Loader issues have plagued Apex Legends over the last few seasons, with Season 8 players also reporting problems on startup. Respawn has yet to address the latest issue, but the usual fixes have been working for players stuck on the Season 9 loading screen, including:

If you are also suffering from Apex Legends Season 9 game freezing at the loading screen, then you are at the right place. As we all know, the season 9 finale of Apex Legends recently came out on the 4th. May 2021, released, and all the players of this game are very happy about it, but due to the problem of being stuck in the loading screen, they cannot properly enjoy the new season.

So, we have prepared this guide to help you fix Apex Legends Season 9 Stuck on Loading Screen problem, find the cause of this problem and other details about it. Let’s study this guide to solve the problem of a freezing loading screen without waiting.

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Apex Legends Season 9 freezes at loading screen Problem

Apex Legends is undoubtedly one of the most popular battle royale games that you can enjoy on various gaming platforms. This competition takes place on the 4th. May 2021 in his final, 9th year. All the players of this game enjoy it, but some of them also encounter the problem that Apex Legends Season 9 gets stuck on the loading screen. It is very annoying to be stuck in the endless loading screen of the game. But it’s an easy fix.

Before we know how to fix this problem, it is important to know why some players experience this annoying problem when loading the game. If this problem occurs in a game that just got a major update or a new season, the root cause of the problem is server-related. In this game, many players want to play at the same time. The result is that the server cannot process all the responses and crashes.

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Also, the cause of these problems must be a bug that prevents you from playing the game. But in this case, the Apex Legends Season 9 Stuck on Loading Screen problem is server related. The developer of this game has also confirmed that all these loading problems are caused by some kind of server-related service issues.

Our team is still working on issues with our store, inventory, and Battlepass system.

If you feel like your Apex unlocks, purchases and coins are gone, don’t worry. This is a temporary display issue that is the result of our ongoing efforts to get you back online.

– Respawn (@Respawn) 5. May 2021

It is time to find a solution to this problem. Since this is not a bug, you do not need to install an update or patch to fix this problem. Server problems can be resolved if the developer of the game in question fixes the problems on their server. You can also try another server that does not have this problem. We also recommend that you close and restart the game. Even if these tips don’t fix the problem, you can try reinstalling the game.

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According to the game developer, this server issue will be resolved soon. This way you will soon be able to enjoy the game without this problem. Just wait until Respawn fixes the server issues.

Conclusion: Apex Legends Season 9 locked at loading screen

Finally, we hope you got all the information on how to fix Apex Legends Season 9 Stuck on Loading Screen, how to fix this problem and much more. If you have any doubts or questions about this topic, please ask us in the comments section. We are ready to help you with all your questions and concerns.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fix apex legends stuck on loading screen apex legends not loading?

Most of the time, when a game won’t load it’s because you have run out of memory and your computer is swapping data to disk. This may not be your fault, if you have a lot of memory-intensive programs running, or if you have never defragged your hard drive. Apex Legends might also crash because of a hardware problem. Hopefully you have a system restore point you can roll back to. If not, you may have to reinstall windows. Many players are currently facing Apex Legends infinite loading screen problem. Game crashes may occur while playing online games. In some cases, the game may freeze and never return back to the home screen. Other players may be forced to shut down the game and restart it. Apex Legends game not loading fix may include the reinstallation of Apex Legends game or the system. (1) Players may try to uninstall Apex Legends game and delete its remaining files using the Disk Cleanup utility. (2) Players can choose to manually fix the Apex Legends stuck on infinite loading screen issue by deleting the Apex Legends game folder that contains all the game files on the computer. (3) Players may try to use the Apex Legends Repair Tool to

How do I fix the apex continue screen?

As you may have heard, the Apex Legends community is up in arms after a series of bugs and glitches have plagued the game. One of the most annoying is the apex continue screen, which appears at the start of every game. Unlike a loading screen, the screen doesn’t actually show any loading; it just pulls the camera back and keeps the game paused without any further indication of what’s going on. What makes the situation even worse is that there’s no way to cancel the “loading” screen, meaning that if you get disconnected from the game you’re forced to wait the full 60 seconds before you can start over. As a player who is relatively new to the game, you may not be aware of the fact that the Apex Legends community is experiencing an issue with the game’s latest update. The bug occurs when you continue a match after it has ended. Instead of transitioning to the screen that allows you to “exit” or “play again”, the loading screen just continues to load. This, of course, causes annoying infinite loading that can last for several minutes.

How do I fix apex legends stuck on PS4 loading screen?

There’s a lot to love about Apex Legends, the new free-to-play battle royale game from Titanfall developer Respawn. Its characters are fun and quirky, it’s filled with hidden easter eggs and the overall gameplay is solid. However, the game has been plagued with a number of issues, including crashes, bugs and an infinite loading screen bug that’s been plaguing players since day one. There’s nothing more frustrating than playing a game for hours only to have it crash during the final battle, forcing you to start the whole thing from the beginning. One Reddit user who goes by the name of ghost1023 posted a thread on the Apex Legends subreddit explaining how his game got stuck on a loading screen after being booted from a match. The game read: “Lost connection to the server. Disconnect and try again.”

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