8 Important Blog Pages That Every Blog Must Have in 2021

The first step to creating a successful blog is to have one. The second step is to have one that is easy to use by your readers. The third step is to keep the look of your blog consistent and professional. The fourth step is to have the blog posts easy to find for your readers. The fifth step is to have a blog that your readers will want to visit. The sixth step is to make sure your blog is mobile-friendly. The seventh step is to have a blog that is SEO friendly. The eighth step is to have your blog pages look professional. 9.

8 Important Blog Pages That Every Blog Must Have in 2021. Blogs are the focal point of content on the Internet. Blogs have become a place where most people go to look for information. For that reason, bloggers must have a presence on the internet. The internet is a vast place and it is not easy to find things on the internet. So, the internet user wants to find useful information that is relevant to him. If the blog is relevant to the user, then the blog will attract the user and the user will read it and follow it. This is why it is important to have a blog page on the internet.

As a blogger, you need to understand that without a good blog design, your blog will not be appealing to the naked eye. You need to make sure that your readers view the blog as a whole. If the blog is appealing, then you will end up with a lot of readers. In order to do this, you need to add a few things to your blog. (1) Having a good blog header is important. (2) Having a good blog theme is also important.

Writing a blog is not just about writing regular articles. The blog should also have important pages so that the readers can get all the information they need. For example, a curious reader may want to contact you or find out how they are tracked online. In that case, it may search for a page with your contacts and your privacy policy. Similarly, a potential advertiser may be looking for a media kit on your blog. So a page of advertising makes sense too. Isn’t that so? Based on my 9 years of experience as a blogger, I can tell you that there are 8 key pages that every blog should have today. In this article, I will take a closer look at each of these sites.

1.) Target page

As the name suggests, this is the page of your blog or website that visitors arrive at first when they visit your site. Ideally, this is your home page. For example, my blog’s home page is at https://buddinggeek.com. In general, all blogs have a standard layout, with the most recent contributions shown on the home page. In fact, when I first started blogging, I had a layout like that for years. Later I realized how important it is to have a homepage – a static page where you put all the important information about your blog. This information is usually presented in an attractive way that entices readers to learn more about your blog, making them your fans and subscribers.

What should you add to your blog landing page?

The homepage of a blog doesn’t have to be a sales page. This is the face of your blog and you want it to be clean, attractive and reflect your personality. When designing a landing page for your blog, you can add the following elements or blocks:

  • Sections that explain the purpose and niche of your blog.
  • About me
  • Reviews
  • Your USP (Unique Selling Point) – What makes your blog unique?
  • Your successes / development stages of the blog
  • New contributions
  • E-mail subscription box
  • Your digital products/services

Use your creativity to arrange the above items in a meaningful and attractive way. The call to action is the most important aspect of a landing page that helps your visitors convert. In the list above, your call to action is a call to action for email subscriptions and digital sales. Use them carefully.

2.) About page

The most important page of any blog is the About page. This is the page where you write something about yourself, as well as a brief description of your blog. If someone enjoys reading your blog posts, they may also be interested in learning more about you. Having an About page increases your credibility as an author, as people prefer to be transparent rather than anonymous. A good business website addresses the following points:

  • A brief introduction of you (as a writer) – your skills, your passion and what inspired you to start your own blog. Good, if you can also add a secure photo ID!
  • Presentation of your niche and your blog – Why did you choose this niche? What makes your blog unique? What unique value can you offer?

3.) Contact page

Another very important page of a blog is the contact page. This page allows visitors to your website to contact you – by phone, email, video chat or post. I prefer to keep in touch via email or post. It is less intrusive and more convenient than any other form of communication. If you want your readers to contact you via email, a contact form would be safer than openly publishing your email address.

4.) Privacy policy p.

The privacy policy page explains how you use the data and information you collect from your site visitors. Each time someone visits a blog/website, a tracking code is downloaded that may contain information such as IP address, country, web browser, pages visited and duration of visit. Google Analytics is one such widely used traffic analysis software. It’s not bad or illegal. With this data, blog owners can analyze which pages/posts did well and which did not? So that the blog can be further optimized. Also, when someone subscribes or leaves a comment: The IP address, along with the email address, is collected by the blog’s content management system. As a visitor to the blog, you have the right to know how this data is used on the blog. Which third-party applications and software have access to your data? If you need help choosing the right format or template, you can check out my page on privacy. Not only is a privacy policy page required by law, but people like and trust you even more when you communicate everything openly.

5.) Advertising page

As your blog gains popularity, you will likely be approached by advertisers and brands to sponsor their products or purchase advertising space on your blog. You’ve put so much effort into creating your blog, and now it’s time to start making real money from it. Trust me, this is an opportunity no blogger wants to miss. That’s why it’s important to have a page dedicated to advertising on your blog.

What should I write on the advertising page?

Your advertising page should contain the following important information:

  • Your current traffic statistics
  • Demographic characteristics of your readers
  • Why should advertisers choose your blog?
  • Advertising options available – for example: Display ads, paid product reviews, sponsored posts or video ads.
  • Advertisers you’ve worked with before.
  • Form for advertising requests

6.) Write for us page

Most of us start blogging ourselves. In the beginning, we are the only ones writing, designing and marketing our blogs. But over time, as your blog grows, you’ll find that it’s hard to manage on your own. Creating your own blog for guest bloggers can be a great way to delegate at least some of the writing off your shoulders. However, be careful when choosing guest bloggers. Many guest bloggers do it half-heartedly these days. They often lack editorial talent and all they care about is a do-follow link to their own site or that of their client. At this point, I also recommend you read my article highlighting the differences between guest posts and sponsored posts.

7.) Withdrawal p.

If you make money from commissions from affiliate marketing or any other form of business partnership, you must include this information on the disclaimer page. This is a legal requirement and will likely save you from a lawsuit or fines from the Federal Trade Commission. Also, if you write paid reviews or reviews that involve the sale of goods or services, it is advisable to include this information on the disclaimer page. You may mention that the opinions expressed are solely those of the author and are based on his/her personal experience with the products/services.

8.) Resources / Useful Links Page

This page can be the most visited page of your blog. On the Resources/Links page, share a selection of any useful online tools/sources/digital resources that relate to your niche. Ideally, these should be tools that you use often and recommend in your blog posts. Similarly, you can also include links to other valuable and useful sites related to your niche. Photo credits: Image tswedensky – Pixabay Photo Ian Schneider – Unsplash Image Tumisu – Pixabay Photo Myriam Jessier – Unsplash

Your opinion?

I hope you found this article helpful. Do you think there are other important blog sites that should be included in this article? What do you think? Please share. Show your ❤️ by sharing this article!Blogging is a great way to express your opinions, thoughts and feelings. It encourages creativity and gives you a medium to explain yourself. But many bloggers miss out on popular blog pages, which helps to drive traffic from search engines and attract new visitors. To help your blog, you must have these eight important pages that every blog must have in 2021. These are the following blog posts that I have written as a participant in this course: Final Exam My final exam for this course was in the form of a high quality video that I created using the following tools: After creating the video, I had to submit it via Canvas (the University of Rochester’s MOOC platform) and then I had to submit my. Read more about blog examples for students pdf and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start a 2021 blog?

Have you recently embarked upon your career as a blogger? Do you think you have the skills and knowledge to succeed as a writer? If you answered yes to these questions, then you’re probably already looking forward to starting your own blog.  But, what if you are not sure where to start? Don’t worry – that’s where we come in. Here at PlayGamesUK we are here to tell you about how to start a blog and keep it going. By following our simple steps and tips, you will be able to create a successful blog that you can be proud of. If you have had your eyes on the future of the gaming industry, you must have heard about the technology that is being used today, which is the most advanced technology available. You will be able to go to virtual reality and play games, and you will experience games that are never seen before. Also, if you think about the gaming industry of the future, the most influential thing is artificial intelligence. The AI is something that is used in every game, because it has an important role in how the game plays and the experience of the game.

What a blog must have?

A blog is a great way of getting your thoughts out there. Whether you are trying to become rich off blogging or just want to share your knowledge and advice with the world, there is no doubt about it that blogging is an awesome way to do so. However, with the way blogging is growing, there are so many things that you need to know about it. For example, you need to know things like how to blog, what a blog post is, and what you need to start blogging. In previous years it was common for a blog to have a basic “About Me” page, maybe even a “Contact Me” page, but as blogging has evolved into a more serious medium for professionals and businesses alike, the blog pages that are “must have” pages are now more varied. For example, you might want a legal disclaimer page with your contact information to help protect you from legal action by other people or businesses.

How many pages can a blog have?

Have you ever wondered how to get your blog to the next level? There are certain pages on your blog which can help you to achieve that, and if you are missing out on any of these you are losing out on a massive opportunity! Let’s take a look at the 8 most important blog pages that you need to have on your blog in 2021. Blogs are the perfect medium for information and entertainment. So why do some blogs seem to hold so much less information than others? Blog pages are a function of the blog itself, so it is logical that the number of pages a blog will have will depend on the type of blog. There are currently three main types of blog pages: static, dynamic and interactive. Static pages are the least common, and they are simply pages with text and images. Dynamic pages are similar to static pages, but they also include some elements that are updated over time. Interactive pages are, by far, the most complex type of blog page, and they are also the most common. Not only do they include the elements that are present in dynamic pages, but they also

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