Are they the same? {Helpful Guide}

The PS4 is one of the most popular consoles out there, but it’s also one of the more expensive ones. This can make deciding whether to get a PS4 or Xbox One a difficult choice. Luckily, we’re here to make things a little bit easier. The two consoles are fairly similar, but Microsoft’s newest machine […]

What is the relationship between internet and network (Network vs. Internet)?

Hey there! Before reading the article which is about What is the relationship between internet and network (Network vs. Internet)?, you should read about what is internet how it is different from network. It shares basic information about this article and also adds more value to it. Do let us know how you feel about […]

Dell Launches Latitude 7320 Detachable for Working ‘On the Go’

If you’re a business owner on the go and want a laptop you can take with you – Dell has you covered. The new Latitude 7320 Detachable is ultra-portable, and features a 12.5 inch HD touchscreen display, up to 8GB of memory, and Intel Core i5 Processor with vPro. Dell is launching a brand new […]

A Real Strong Start Yet Felt Off By The Penultimate! »

I was really looking forward to “Shenmue 3” for a long time. The story of its development has not been linear, and it is only now that we have the right to see the final part of the saga. As a fan of the series, I am forced to admit that the new “Shenmue 3” […]

How to share screen in Microsoft Teams?

Sharing is caring, and in the digital world it’s now easier to share your screen than ever before. Microsoft Teams, the company’s chat-based workspace, is built right into Windows 10, and it’s available on Windows, iOS and Android. With Teams you can share your screen on a meeting room, a simple call or even on […]

7 Benefits of Using Touch Screens On The Factory Floor

The modern society is all about technological advancement and new gadgets are introduced each day to make our lives better. The latest trend is to develop touch screen technology for almost every industry you can think of: from smart phones to ATMs, from ATMs to schools, from schools to hospitals, from factories to the military. […]