12 Hardest Bosses in Old School RuneScape (Ranked) –

Every adventurer in Old School Runescape is looking for the next big challenge.

And there’s no greater challenge than taking on some of the toughest bosses in all of Helinor!

Defeating these bosses is the key to unlocking the best gear in the entire game. And you can trust me when I say you want that device.

Nothing in the game is more satisfying than defeating those final bosses and getting that gift you’ve been toiling for for so long.

Let’s see which bosses will keep you occupied for countless hours and which will send you unforgivingly back to Lambridge.

12. Venice

This giant spider is found in just under 30 wilderness areas east of the Bone Yard.

With a combat level of 464, it is not overpowered.

He attacks with magic and melee, but it is recommended to use magic protection, because without it he will hit you more often with very high damage (up to 50).

As if taking them out wasn’t hard enough, you also have to fight the Pker who frequent the place and want to kill the players fighting Venenatis.

Make sure you take the 1-click teleporter so you can quickly escape when PKers arrive.

Venatis primarily hunts the Dragon’s Pickaxe and the Ring of Betrayal, a unique item only she can obtain. And it is recommended to fight this boss only during off-peak hours to avoid PKers.

11. Criarra

Criarra, often referred to simply as Kree or Armadil, is the 580th Kree. Air level in the War Against God dungeon.

Because it’s an aviant, you can only effectively damage it with distance attacks, as melee doesn’t work and mages aren’t effective.

To fight them, you either need an Ecumenical Key or you must have killed 40 of Armadil’s minions in the War on God dungeon.

I recommend that you purchase an ecumenical key, as it will save you a lot of time.

You should always try to fight the Cree when you are on a hunting mission for the Aviators. This way you can get a bonus for damaging the fighter’s helmet, which makes the fight that much easier.

Entering an unprepared area is a guaranteed death, as dropping a prayer from a distance can cause up to 69 points of damage.

And Cree is very accurate with her long-range attacks. Be careful.

10. Cerberus

In the depths of Taverly Dungeon, you will encounter a level 318 hellhound named Cerberus.

Many adventurers hunt this boss in an attempt to obtain the rare Cerberus Primal Crystal, which is worth a small fortune.

And Cerberus is an uphill battle that should not be underestimated.

He’ll conjure pools of lava around the room that will eventually damage you, and he’ll summon his three guards who can do 30 points of damage each if you don’t pray properly against them.

It’s very easy to remove Guardians and Cerberus while your attention is elsewhere.

Take lots of healing foods, like sharks and prayer drinks, and remember to focus on the prayer that needs to be lifted.

They can just barely come away with a victory.

9. Vorkat

After completing Dragonslayer 2, players will be able to fight Vorkat, an undead blue dragon of level 732.

Vorkat can attack with all three of these fighting styles, as well as three types of dragon fire with different effects.

The amount of mechanics here (as well as the fireball being dead on impact) can make this final boss frustrating to learn.

One click and you’re dead and back in Lambridge in seconds.

Vorkat has a very generous drop table with a ton of resources for prayer and crafting, making him a great final boss to fight as Iron Man.

But it would only take a day or two for this boss to get the hang of it.

8. Zulra

Now, Zulra is a very difficult boss.

With its multiple rotations and attack style, this level 725 swamp snake is no laughing matter.

You have to learn the movements of this boss and attack carefully. Bad prayer does a lot of damage. Hell, even the right prayer can still hurt you during the mage phase.

Zulra can be a real nightmare.

Most players who recognize Zulra will die over and over again. It has a very steep learning curve and is a great introduction to high-level PvM content, as it involves learning how to switch effectively while praying correctly.

Once mastered, this boss becomes very useful as its infusion is generous.

He is even affectionately called Money Hunter in the community because his capsule table is so good.

7. Tz-Tok Jad

This boss, also known as Jad, has been known to kill more players in one hit than any other boss in the history of RuneScape.

You appear to Jad and are ready to fight when you suddenly and instantly die from something you can’t even see.

Any old-school veteran knows only too well what that’s like.

To reach Jad, you must fight your way through 62 waves of enemies without the ability to resupply.

At wave 63, you face the final boss, Jud, and a mistake is usually punishable by instant death.

Jed is all about calm nerves and training. Get ready for a fight that will test your nerves to the limit.

If you defeat this boss, you will unlock one of the best capes in the game, the Fire Cloak, which is an honorary medal and honestly one of the coolest capes in the game.

6. Hull Monster

The Corpse Monster, also known as the Corpse, is a level 785 monster… found in a cave near the Shadow Graveyard on level 21 in the Wildlands. It can be easily reached with the collar for games.

Hull is an incredibly flashy boss who has over 2000 health and can reduce almost all damage by 50%.

Only spears and halberds ignore it, so the Zamorak spear is often the weapon of choice for adventurers seeking to destroy the body.

Most players prefer to fight this boss with a team of 3 or more, because it’s almost impossible to defeat this boss alone without drastically lowering his stats (which can be pretty annoying).

However, this corps is very popular because it has a very rare opportunity to drop the Elysian sigil. And this character is worth over a billion gold coins, making it one of the most expensive PvP drops in the game!

5. Nightmare

This is a relatively new, old-school RuneScape boss that will be released in early 2020, along with the Blind City set.

It is a level 814 monster that is often fought by high-level PvM groups.

It has many levels, attacks and mechanics that you must all master before you can hope to kill anyone.

It is very easy to lose focus and become overwhelmed. So having an open line of communication with your team via Discord makes things much easier.

Also note that fighting this final boss takes a lot of resources and requires a lot of Saradomin Braus, Englishwoman and Super Restoration.

Defeating the Nightmare gives you the ability to obtain the best Inquisitor armor and weapons, as well as the best OSRS magical weapons like the Nightmare Staff and the Harmonized Orb.

4. Hunlef corrupted

Everything in Corrupted Hunllef is a challenge.

To take on this insane boss, you must first enter the corrupted mantle, which gives the player 7 minutes and 30 seconds to prepare for Hunllef.

Meanwhile, you must craft weapons and armor and find enough resources to survive the encounter with this extremely difficult level 894 boss.

The schedule is very tight, and even if you finish in time, you still have to encounter (and defeat) Hunllef to defeat Gauntlet.

And it’s an extremely difficult final boss, constantly changing attack styles, that you have to pray against. Also, these attacks have many destructive AOE effects such as. B. Tornadoes that can chase you across the room and even temporarily ignore your prayer.

But the hardest part is that it’s a solo boss fight. So there’s no one to help you, you can’t bring your outdoor gear, and you’re constantly at work.

This is one of the chef’s most intense sessions.

3. Great Elm

The Great Olm is the final boss of Xeric’s Wards, the first foray into old school RuneScape.

Elm has an impressive fight rating of 1043 and an equally high strength in all areas.

Most players will need at least three people to fight Olm, as each player focuses on a different body part during the fight.

Like most other high level bosses, this boss has different phases and attacks. It can be messy if you edit them one after the other.

It is not uncommon for this boss to die, even with the full support of an experienced team.

And as I said earlier, Elm is the final boss before completing the Xeric Chambers raid, so he’s the holder of some of the best finishing equipment, like… B. of the coveted twisted bow, which has a market value of more than 1.2 billion gold coins.

That’s enough to prepare you for life.

2. Verzik Vitur

What can I say about Verzica?

You die a few times before you manage to kill.

The Theater of Blood is the second and most challenging raid in RuneScape, and the one you’ll face in the finale, Vecrik.

Verzik has three phases, each of which becomes increasingly difficult. You’ll have to master everything from switches to counting ticks to defeat this boss with your team.

Finding a good team that can consistently beat Verzik and Blood Theatre is a challenge in itself, as this content is not for the faint of heart. You need to be a PvP wizard and be able to easily defeat all of the other aforementioned bosses before you even think about trying to get past them.

But if you beat them, you’ll have a chance at juicy loot, like the slot machine’s best weapon: the Vitura scythe.

1. CCAL-Tsuk

I think anyone who has heard of Hell has seen how this came to the forefront.

Zuk is the last boss you’ll encounter at the end of The Inferno. He has a massive combat rating of 1400 and the ability to fire a single shot at any adventurer who is too slow to react to his powerful attacks.

However, Zook is only a small part of the challenge that is hell.

This content is so complicated that most players won’t even try it.

Inferno has a reputation for requiring insane skills that only the very best players possess. So we can say that this pattern fits perfectly.

If you defeat Zuk, you will unlock the best cape in the game, the cape of hell.

Not only is this cape absolutely stunning, but every player who wears it deserves respect for knowing they have taken on the toughest challenge OSRS has to offer!

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